Friday browsing (and roundup for the week)

I am sure I shouldn't admit this,  but I have spent a little bit of this Friday catching up on other developments within Microsoft,  had a play with some internal tools and generally reminded myself of why Microsoft is such a cool company to work for. 

To save you time browsing yourself ... and thus increase your productivity ... here is what I found

Photosynth - I talked about this a while back but it looks as if they have done some more work on it.  As mentioned on Steve Claytons blog,  there are a number of locations around Britain that have been 'Photosynthed',  including Trafalgar Square 🙂

Popfly - I didn't realise what this was until Chris Adams explained it to me.  Poply is a simply interface by which you can create mashups using web services around the internet,  for example combining with GeoTags in Flickr or photos of friends on Facebook to show where your friends have been taken.  Its relatively simple to use and if anyone manages to create anything with a communications spin,  let me know and I will share it with the rest of the people :-).

I also have a posts I have been meaning to make so I thought I would reduce my binary footprint (similar to carbon footprint) and put it all into one post.

UK Exchange Website - The UK version of the Exchange website has now gone live today.  We have a plan for some UK related content for the page,  including a link to this blog ;-),  but I would like to know what information you feel you would like to see on the site.  I can't make any promises it will get implemented but all suggestions are welcome.

Have a great weekend (assuming your not reading this next week) and see you next week

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