Excellent example of multi-modal support

One of the examples I tend to give where both telephone and IM can work together is when interacting with a support department. 

My router broke over the weekend and rather than this being a painful and time consuming experience,  it was actually quite pleasant and ultimately I got a resolution quickly.

It all started with me moving my router.  For reasons unknown,  this resulted in the router no longer being able to boot and manifested itself in a continuously flashing power light which I quickly discovered is a bad thing :-S.  After looking on the Linksys website I came across ‘LiveChat’ where I entered in my details and clicked on ‘submit request’.  After 5 seconds I was greeted by an engineer on the other side of the chat screen :-).  5 seconds … no ‘green sleeves’ hold music … no ‘You are 32nd in the queue’ … not even a ‘press 8 if you have a problem with your router and you are currently wearing blue shoes’.  Not having to wait in a queue was brilliant but perhaps the more subtle but important thing was that while he was typing and thinking,  and while I was typing or running through troubleshooting steps,  we could carry on with other work we were doing.  Excellent and efficient usage of both our time and all-in-all a great experience.

Alas,  this wasn’t something that could be fixed over the phone so he suggested I call the support number so I kept him on the chat while I did this.  After phoning the number and a short ‘press 1 for router support’ I was straight onto another engineer,  again no 30 minute wait,  no ‘You are 48th in the queue’.  While I was on the Live Chat to the first engineer I got my reference number and passed it to the person on the phone.  After a short piece of troubleshooting they agreed to send out a replacement and hopefully I should be back to normal within a week :-).

What should we learn from this?

  • Online ‘live chat’ allows your engineers to deal with more than one person at a time
  • Online ‘live chat’ shortens the amount of time people have to wait to be helped
  • Online ‘live chat’ gets over language barrier issues
  • Online ‘live chat’ allows your customers to work on other things whilst getting support
  • Online ‘live chat’ reduces the length of the queue on the phone, resulting in improved customer sat.

All in all,  a great example of how combining traditional telephone support with other new modalities can make huge improvements to your business and how people perceive it.

Well done Linksys … another happy customer!

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