Review of Office Communications Server 2007 on ZDNet – OCS in a ‘nutshell’

duffyOne of the parts of my job I really enjoy doing is speaking to customer, partners and journolists about our Unified Communications and how its going to change the way in which people will communicate with each other in the future. The problem I am presented with however is how to explain the range of technologies and scenerios this technology brings to life into an hour phone call or presentation. 

After a meeting with Paul Duffy (another great export from Microsoft UK 😉 ),  David Berlind has done a great job of summerising the new features and scenarios supported by Office Communications Server 2007 into his posting here.  In particularly I like the section below that explains where Unified Communications fits into the whole Office System.

"If there will be an amazingly compelling reason to go all-Microsoft for your office suite (as in Microsoft Office), your document sharing infrastructure (as in Sharepoint), your e-mail and scheduling system (as in Microsoft's Exchange and Outlook), your data/voice conferencing (as in Microsoft's NetMeeting), and your instant messaging, then Office Communicator is it. So deeply and contextually can Office Communicator's DNA be integrated into the rest of Microsoft's solutions that there is probably no other glue in all of Microsoft's portfolio that so elegantly demonstrates the company's strategic vision for making knowledge workers more productive at what they do"

Spend some time to take a look at the blog post and 13 minute video starring the one and only Paul Duffy 😉

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