Are you a Tech-No?

Today I spent ten minutes reading an article on 'tech-no's',  found here,  and thought I would share it with you.  Its actually a really interesting article and I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Although technology can help you communicate faster, quicker and more efficiently,  if you don't want to be contacted or simply don't need the information then all the technology in the world isn't going to change that.  One must always to ensure that the technology benefits the user and is not in place for the sake of technology.

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  1. Nasty Nodule says:

    Tech-no was interesting but I think it indicates that someone high up has missed the point. Public communications are a funny thing! As are the public. You have to base most things on the Lowest Common Denominator (AKA; People Are Thick!) and then take into account industrial marketing!

    Look at the Fax machine… you want to take out an ad, they fax you a contract, you print it, sign it and you fax it back. This is a legally binding document despite the fact the first time it was faxed it lost 50% of its digital information and when you printed signed and sent it back it lost a further 50%! This in an age when you can send documents at 100% accuracy and efficiency by Email or IM etc. The fax should have died the second email arrived… it hasn’t Why not????? This is a case of PR and Marketing at it’s best! Fax machine salesmen must be really good and I’ll worship them like Gods if there’s a Fax machine in any MS building!(over to you Sparky)

    Another great and Modern example is the iPod… I find it very puzzling that something like this has taken off but must admit (and I think this is a clue…) it is quite a stylish trinket. It can play music, pay a bit more and it can show pictures too, a bit more gets you video capability Etc. Etc. Well, I have a pocket pc that has been capable of doing all that and a huge amount more and from way before! Phones… the original coms devise, they too can play music, videos, email and surf and take pictures too but still not as good at doing these things as the PPC is (Phone calls being the exception here!), you can have an MP3 player that doubles as a hard drive, add bits to take photo’s, make phone calls or navigate you somewhere. You have nav systems that will take care of SMS messaging and phone calls along with playing all your MP3s! The list goes on but you only need 2 bits of hardware to do all the above; a phone (and I do mean just a phone!) and a ppc that can communicate with each other. All the rest is just marketing and fashion exploitation.

    Blogs are great too but they show us exactly how much the masses crave attention and fame… exposing our deep need of voyeuristic satisfaction… they have turned out to be, in the majority of cases, nothing more than a superior text message service (from what I’ve seen) with added Eastenders type curiosity. (what’s happening in the square today, Jim?). Your Xbox blog is cool but where is that going to go and what is it’s ultimate purpose? Hey, don’t get me wrong… my blog is doing very well at getting me bookings but in the majority of cases they are a waste of space, time and effort.

    Does anyone still put pen to paper?

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