Everything you wanted to know about Exchange 2007 but were afraid to ask

Well,  at least the basics are on this blog post for a start 🙂

Scott Schnoll spent new year’s eve putting together this excellent post on

  • Exchange 2007 editions – What’s the difference?
  • Licensing – What different licenses are available now?
  • 32bit vs 64bit – Why have we done this?
  • Virtualisation – Will we support Exchange 2007 in a virtual environment?
  • Evals and Product Keys – Can I move from trial to retail?
  • What’s missing from the 32bit version of Exchange?
  • Final Build Number – What was it in the end?
  • Downloading – ISOs and EXEs

Excellent post Scott!,  all the information is probably out there already but this sums it up nicely!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Scott Schnoll posted a ’round-up’ of questions on the RTM of Exchange 2007, including virtualization…

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