Free Wifi

Thought that might get your attention!

Recently I went to visit the inlaws in Norfolk and you can only begin to imagine how disconnected I felt as their house had neither a mobile signal nor broadband :-(.  Given that I have wireless internet access at work, home, my parents and my friends in Canterbury,  I am not usually more than 1 hr away from a quick internet connection :-).  Little did I know,  that if I had popped into the nearest city i.e. Norwich that I would be able to experience the wonders of free and city wide wireless networks.

I learnt this little known yet interesting fact on the Gadget Show,  a series recording on my MCE of course,  and it looks as if Jason is pushing for the same to occur in other cities too!

I have registered by support at and anyone else who would like to see this extended to other cities should do the same.

Bring on wireless-free-broadband!

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  1. rod says:

    Agree completly about free wireless,  the norfolk one is a great example, good coverage, and limiting the speed so its usable even for VOIP IME, but does not encourage people to leech too much.

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