Vista has released to manufacturing … Exchange 2007 next!


Hot of the heels of my post yesterday,  I am pleased to say that I received an email today to celebrate the fact that Windows Vista has RTM' d!

This is great news and this is what the press is saying already about Vista already

  • The long wait for Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows Vista, is almost over. Dramatically redesigned, the new OS features tighter security, slicker visuals and friendlier—one might be tempted to say Mac-like—applications for managing photos, movies and music. –Wilson Rothman, TIME

  • If all Windows users were running Vista, the world would be a much safer place. –Larry Seltzer/eWEEK

  • As to Microsoft (Windows) Vista, bravo. … It brilliantly and intuitively lets one use a PC with extreme efficiency and/or enjoyment. –James Coates/Chicago Tribune

  • One of Vista's biggest promises and one of the best inducements to want it now - is to help you regain the upper hand in the battle against information overload. –John Clyman/PC Magazine

  • With Vista, Microsoft has made significant investments in connecting people to information so they could work in smarter ways, which is essential for the enterprise. –Peter Galli and David Morgenstern/eWEEK

  • There are a lot of things in Vista for the enterprise that are compelling. You have security, management, robustness, fewer reboots…. I think a lot of people will refresh their desktops, servers and applications. –Peter O’Kelly, an analyst with Burton Group in Network World

Needless to say, even now there is a buzz in the office (for those of us that are still in the office at this hour) and over the next few weeks the excitement will build as we move closer the launch of Exchange, Vista and Office in the UK.

One of the biggest Microsoft launches ever is well under way, its going to be a busy year for us all 🙂

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