Windows Live Local goes 3D! has now gone 3D and as you can see on the left hand side,  its a pretty good start.

When I initially heard about this,  I thought it would be pretty limited in its use as not all of the UK will be mapped in 3D,  but it acutally makes 2D map easier to navigate for those that are a little,  how shall I put it,  spacially challenged.

Even though I couldnt find any of Reading that was 3D mapped,  I tapped in the details of my house,  flipped it to 3D view and flew along the A329M to work 🙂

I highly recommend you take a look at and download the small update to allpw you to view the world in 3D.  It is also worth noting that in 3D view that it now jumps from location to location when you type in an address,  great for those who like something that looks cool as well as works well !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s a better name (IMO), was ok – but is much easier to remeber

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