Beta the devil you know!

Recently I found myself in the strange position of actually having fully released software on my machine.  This is quite an odd experience for me as I am currently running Vista and Office 2007, connecting to an Exchange 2007 mailbox ... none of which are released code :-).

Luckily,  it looks like I don't need to run the current released version of Windows Live Messenger muchg longer as we have brought out another beta 🙂 .... 8.1 to be precise !.  There are a number of changes made in the background but the ones you will notice are redesigned contact cards and display photos and names will now roam with the you to any computer you use with messenger. 

Pop along here and download the new beta of Windows Live Messenger,  for your efforts you will be rewarded with two free calls to anywhere in the world.  Use them wisely!

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