Want to trial Exchange Unified Messaging?

While reading the Exchange product group blog,  I noticed this post which I wanted to share with you all 🙂

For anyone that would like to trial Exchange Unified Messaging,  its now possible to obtain a $1000 starter from Neil May at POST CTI,  our UM specialist partner in the UK.

There is a lot more information on the Exchange product group blog but to cut a long story short,  for $1000 your get a voice-over-ip gateway and 2 hours of phone support from POST CTI to help you implement Exchange 2007 UM into your environment.

I spoke to Neil recently and he tells me that he is already getting a fair few calls per day asking about this offer so if he doesnt reply instantly you will know why 🙂

Take a quick look at the blog posting by the product team and if you want to know more then give Neil May a shout and tell him I sent you 😉

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