Calling all UK Unified Comms users!

One of the great things about emerging technologies is that there is always a great sense of community and excitement.  I would like to think that within the partner space and within Microsoft,  I have a good idea of who is interested in Unified Communications and perhaps more importantly,  I can call on the community when I need assistance.

One of my colleagues,  David Overton,  has created to build a community around Small Business and it got me thinking,  does the same exist for Unified Communications? ... the answer it would appear ... is yes !

Its only a small community at the minute,  but if you pop over to and sign yourself up for an account,  you can help make this community better.  I fully intend to set aside some time to spend on the forums and I hope to see you there too soon.  They are also planning a few event at Microsoft in Soho and Reading,  I will be attending the latter so look out for me there 🙂


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