Windows Live Messenger is here!

On Monday we announced the availability of Windows Live Messenger.  I highly recommend you go ahead and download it straight away from here but if you want a quick summary of what it includes then here is a list

  • Call both PCs and phones from within Windows Live Messenger,  linked into Verizon service

  • Start webcam sessions in seconds

  • Create sharing folders making it easier to share photos and other content with friends

  • Integration into Windows Live Contacts,  when your contacts change their details they will automatically be updated in Windows Live Messenger

  • View your Windows Live Alerts with Windows Live Messenger,  know when your football team score a goal or your stock goes up another £1

  • Windows Live Messenger will integrate with the upcoming Windows Live Messenger enabled phones from Uniden America,  Philips and Motorola (as mentioned in this blog before)

  • Coming soon - talk with other people on Yahoo Messenger ... more to come later!

It also worth noting this is one of the first Windows Live branded services to come out of beta ... quite a significant step and probably the first of many.

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