Off topic …. but very important …. Halo3

Yes,  I know this has nothing to do with Unified Communications or Mobility but it is an important piece of news for any gamer.

Halo 3 was announced at E3 today and a trailer is available via XBOX Live Marketplace (anyone with an XBOX 360 and internet can get it),  via the Bungie site or via

For those of you who dont know what Halo is,  its basically the game that pretty much every XBOX owner has and when Halo 2 came out it sold $124 million dollars worth in 24hrs .... that makes it one if not the fastest selling entertainment event of all time. 

Hopefuly by the time you read this,  the downloads will be quicker as at the minute half the planet appears to be download it 🙂

Here's hoping they need beta testers again ! 

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