MSN Messenger goes ‘retro’

Although for quite some time you have been able to make pc-to-pc calls on MSN Messenger and pc-to-phone calls,  the big problem with this is that is restricts you to using a clunky headset and microphone and near the PC at the time you want to make the calls.

You will be glad to hear (pun intended) therefore that MSN Messenger compatible phones are now available to buy. Currently the two devices are available from Uniden and Royal Philips Electronics although I would expect other manufacturers to join in as time goes by.

What does this give you then?  Put simply it allows the owners of such devices to phone other MSN Messenger users (for free) and other mobiles and landlines (for a small charge) using their internet connection rather than the standard landline, resulting in smaller bills at the end of the month.  As soon as these are available in the UK,  I plan to switch over to this way of phoning and at the point I can stop paying for a landline at all then I will switch fully over to VOIP.

If I manage to get hold of one of these devices then I will let you all know and tell you how it goes!

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