and now for something completely different … The Langoliers

The Langoliers

Please excuse my deviation from the 'standard' topics for this blog but I wanted to share a brilliant example why I love Windows Media Center .... and it has something to do with a film called 'The Langoliers'.

A fair few years ago,  I saw a TV movie called 'The Langoliers' which I believe originates from a Stephen King book.  One of the first things I did when I got my first Windows Media Center three years ago was to ask it to record 'The Langoliers' if and when it was ever on .... and so ... the trap was set 😉

Three years later,  I am glad to say that it’s now due to record at the end of March and beginning of April on the Sci-Fi channel ..... how cool is that?.  Unlike some other recording solutions,  Windows Media Center allows you to be more creative with your recording preferences and does the homework for you by looking through the guide to see if there is something you want to record ... not the other way round.

My personal feeling is if you want a PVR ... buy a PVR ..... if you want an integrated media experience and a PVR that intelligent .... get Windows Media Center !

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