The start of something new :-)

If there is one thing I have learnt while working at Microsoft it's that nothing ever stays the same for too long, including someone’s blog :-).

There are two basic reasons why I have changed the location of my blog but first of all you should be pleased to know that this should be the last time.

  1. Reason number one is due to the fact that recently we announced that the Exchange team and Real Time Collaboration (RTC) team are combining into the Unified Communications Group (UCG).  It therefore no longer makes sense to have an /rtcnews blog when our technology cover so much more than that

  2. Reason number two is due to a change in the role I have at Microsoft.  As of today I will be focusing on Unified Communications and Mobility technologies and therefore it makes sense to change my blog to something more generic e.g. /markdea.  With a more generic blog I can now discuss product specifics,  how that relates to the business theme of 'flexible working' as well as any another other technologies I think you might be interested in.

Fun times ahead for me I am sure and hopefully the things I learn along the way might also be useful to you!

Thanks for your patience J

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