Windows Azure Autoscaling–available now!

In my white paper on IT energy efficiency, I wrote about the need for software developers to design their applications to dynamically scale, so we aren’t simply trading idle servers for idle VMs when applications move to public or private clouds.   Unlike physical server infrastructure which is often statically assigned to specific applications for years,…


The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative

Once again, I’ve had a long hiatus from blogging.  But I’ve got an excuse (this time!).  I’ve been heads down on finalizing a new white paper on IT energy efficiency.   I also just returned from Corporate EcoForum’s annual meeting where a number of the attendees confirmed the key assertion in the paper – that in most…


IE9 Energy efficiency

The IE team recently published the results from a set of tests comparing the energy efficiency of the latest competing browsers.  Spoiler-alert – IE9 was the most efficient. 🙂