Big time savings with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3


The System Center  team blog featured a guest post by one of their MVPs yesterday on his experiences with the centralized power management features in SCCM 07 R3.

While not the only feature in the release, the centralized power management functionality certainly seems to be getting the most amount of airtime.  Which is not really surprising given that the savings gained from implementing power management would seem to easily pay for the product many times over.  As Panu Saukko reports, his customer was spending about $2500/weekday for electricity without power management.  In early September they enforced power management on 5000 computers using SCCM 2007 R3, and decreased the power bill by to about $300 per day!  And this was with fairly lenient settings - 3 hours of idle before automatic sleep during the day, which means that most PCs are on all day during the work day.   The opportunity for more power savings is still significant as they crank down the idle-to-sleep timeouts.

Read the post on the System Center blog here.

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