Efficiency part 2

A few things today.

First, part 2 of my Green IT interview has been posted on TechNet Radio.  Direct links are available to WMA, MP3-Hi and MP3-low.  In this one, I talk predominately about virtualization.

Also in the deja vu category is this TechNet Edge video interview on our new Gen 4 Data Center architecture with David Gauthier, Data Center Infrastructure Architect and Christian Belady, Principal Power and Cooling Architect, from the Global Foundation Services team at Microsoft.  They offer a behind-the-scenes architectural perspective on the concept behind modularity and our data center and infrastructure strategies at large. The new blog post discussing the infrastructural components and efficiencies gained from our Gen 4 data center plan can be found here.

Finally, I was forwarded this very interesting interview with Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute about efficiency being our best untapped energy resource.  Amory is the guy who typically carries around his carbon fiber 'hat' to demonstrate the strength of the material as a substitute for steel in the auto industry.  I love this quote from him at the end: "Then I took a lot of video conferencing, rather than flying. Just move the electrons and leave the heavy nuclei at home."

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