Green IT TechNet Radio Interview

My former colleague, Adam Bogobowicz interviewed me recently on Green IT for TechNet Radio.  This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.  You can access part 1 of the interview via the following links:

WMA  MP3 (Hi bandwidth)  MP3 (Low Bandwidth)

(Tip: if you are listening via Windows Media Player, hit CTRL-SHIFT-G and I'll talk at 1.4 times the speed to save you both time and maybe some energy. :-)  CTRL-SHIFT-N reverts back to normal speed)

During the interview I talk about PUE, EPEAT, Desktop Power Management and Data Center Best Practices among other things.  Coincidentally, our Data Center Operations team announced their vision for next gen data centers, which you can read about on Mike Manos' blog.  Look ma, no roof!

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