Upgraded to WordPress, Twitter feed added

Looks like I've been sleeping on the latest changes to the TechNet blogs hosting platform. We've moved to WordPress and since I had a domain http://mariobrandan.com pointing to the old blog url I was not exercising the new WordPress features available to me. I've added a Twitter feed, follow me buttons and changed some colors. Hopefully this will give me more incentive to post more frequently, but only useful info.

Btw, if you haven't yet it's pretty easy to add a Twitter feed. A web dev knows how to do this but some of us lowly bloggers might not have the plugin installed in our hosting provider's instance so we can't just add the WordPress twitter plugin. I looked it up on Twitter's dev site, but if you don't need that level of customization there's an easier way from the commercial Twitter site.

Log in to Twitter > Settings > Widgets > Create New > User Timeline. Configure as desired and it will generate some HTLM/js for you. Go back to WordPress and add a "Text/HTML" widget to your front page and paste the code from the Twitter widget.

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