Outlook 2013 SP1 Breaks Drag and Drop Email

imageI installed Office 2013 SP1 today and I noticed that my Outlook client would no longer allow me to drag and drop emails into subfolders in my inbox. Clicking and holding would not give me the “ghost” image of the folder as I dragged it to the subfolder and when I reached the subfolder in my inbox all it would do was highlight it. I restarted my client and computer but it didn’t fix it.

I found this old thread that suggested I just hit the ESC key a bunch of times while Outlook was active. It worked! :-/ I sent the mother ship a frown face already on this.

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  1. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thanks you Mr. Mario

  2. Sean says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  3. Cinimod says:

    Had a similar issue where, after installing Outlook 2013 SP1, I could no longer drag and drop recipients between the To.. field and the Cc… field. Tried the above and it’s fixed.

  4. Andrey says:

    Great tip, thanks for sharing!

  5. Ed says:

    Another bug…

  6. Chris says:

    Wow, just happened to me. Could no longer drag email to different folders. Tried the esc trick and it worked. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Daniel says:

    Another happy ESC’er. Worked for me as well. Thanks.

  8. Kenneth says:

    I can’t believe that I just button mashed Esc to fix this issue. You’ve seriously got to be kidding me. How? Why?!

  9. rebecca says:

    Thanks It worked. Boom!!

  10. Andy says:

    Yeah well that worked sweet. Cheers

  11. Richard says:

    🙁 didn’t work for me. I still cannot drag and drop in Outlook even tho my Esc key is worn down with me battering it!

  12. Ben says:


  13. Craig says:

    Saved me hours of messing about. Thanks

  14. Inny says:

    Awesome! That worked.

  15. james says:

    Mine didn’t work until I realized this fix is for dragging emails to folder. Not attachments onto emails which is still broken

  16. Jacob says:

    Worked for me as well, thanks.

  17. This is still an issue 2-9-2015 says:

    Hitting ESC worked for me, but why is it still an error?

  18. chary says:

    i tried starting in safe mode, changed profile, hit esc key "n" of times tried all combinations of safe mode/profile change/administrator/esc keep battering. Did not work at all… do i need to remove and reinstall office 2013?

  19. glen says:

    Thank you. I’m not liking Outlook 2013 so far and this kind of stupid bug is not making me like it more.

  20. Dennis says:

    Brilliant! hitting ESC did the trick! thanks for the tip!

    Yesterday i could drag/drop – but after installation of windows update components, including Outlook 2013 stuff, i slowly notices, that i couldn’t drag and drop.

  21. lisa says:

    Hitting ESC actually worked. Freaking awesome, thank you

  22. Christie says:

    esc does not work for me…what do I do?

  23. Siegbert says:

    Wow!!! The escape key trick worked for me also ?!?!?!?

  24. Pat_K says:

    ESC works great! Thanks!

  25. Phillip says:

    How funny is that. Just experiencing this issue for the first time today after using Outlook 2013 for about 3 months. Hitting ESC did the trick. You’d think there would be a service pack fix for this by now. Thanks for the suggestion.

  26. Adarsh Jyotishi says:

    Thanks For suggetion

  27. Nadine says:

    esc esc esc to get an option to work? well, it did – thank you!

  28. Andrew says:

    Fantastic tip, worked 😀 Great

  29. Rick says:

    This doesn’t fix dragging multiple emails from a search unfortunately. Still broken.

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