PowerPivot “Unsupported Features” warning on EWA


An Excel workbook displays the following warning when viewed through Excel Web Access (EWA)



Likely culprit are usually features that are supported in the Excel client app but difficult to render in a web interface. Functionality for those feature are either limited or non-existent. E.g., shapes, comments, invisible object, pane freezing, etc.


Excel 2010 provides a Document Inspector that will allow you to identify and optionally remove content that may cause the above warning to trigger.

The following is an example to remove Invisible Content from the workbook.

  • Navigate to the workbook that is exhibiting the “Some features may not be supported” problem.
  • Open the workbook in the client Excel app


  • In Excel, click on File > Info > Check For Issues > Inspect Document


  • Select “Inspect”
  • After the Document Inspector completes, select “Invisible Content” and click “Remove All”
  • Click “Close” to close the Document Inspector
  • Save the workbook. It will update the server version.
  • Verify the workbook no longer exhibits the warning when viewed through Excel Web Access.
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