SharePoint Online Sandboxed Solutions Disabled

Credit to Brian Jackett who let us know about this change. The Office Dev Center released this post on July 29, 2016 that confirms they are disabling Sandboxed solutions that reference DLL’s in our SharePoint Online service. In addition they’re blocking the deployment of new such Sandboxed solutions. We announced the deprecation of sandboxed solutions way back in 2014 but…


O365 PowerShell error “DTD is prohibited in this XML document”

I was trying to admin an Office 365 E3 tenant from my home office. I followed the instructions here and here. The first link is the installation of the various modules that you’ll need, and the second is the set of steps to import those modules and connect to the O365 tenant. When I tried the Connect-SPOService cmdlet I received…


The Mystery of the missing OneNote Section Group

This happened in OneNote 2016 but I imagine it’s the same on 2013 as well. I make extensive use of OneNote and it’s Section Groups feature that allow you to create a new group of sections that can be treated as a logical boundary for a related group of sections. I also save my OneNote files…


Upgraded to WordPress, Twitter feed added

Looks like I’ve been sleeping on the latest changes to the TechNet blogs hosting platform. We’ve moved to WordPress and since I had a domain pointing to the old blog url I was not exercising the new WordPress features available to me. I’ve added a Twitter feed, follow me buttons and changed some colors….


My Coffee Tips

I know this isn't technology, but I think coffee and techies are spiritually related topics. I recently typed this up for a co-worker and I figured I should post it. I've been working from home a lot more and have been tweaking my coffee brewing process for a few months now. Here's some tips that…


Your Azure credentials have not been set up

I recently upgraded to version 0.8.16 of Azure PowerShell and I got the following error when trying Get-AzureVM: "Your Azure credentials have not been set up or have expired, please run Add-AzureAccount to set up your Azure credentials". JHealy has a blog post describing the error but his solution involved completing the Azure registration process;…


Shut Down Azure VM’s Automatically

I’m focusing more on Azure Technologies in order to complement my SharePoint workloads. To this end I’ve been leveraging my MSDN Azure benefit which gives me $150 of Azure credit every month. Some folks I work with don’t think this is enough but I’ve been able to consistently make this last for several months without…


SharePoint 2007 SiteMap Script

  I’ve had to dig up some PS scripts from my SP2007 days and I thought I’d share. Here’s a script that will crawl all Web Apps in a farm and will output metadata into an xml file for import into your favorite tool, like Excel. The script will list web apps, site collections, webs,…


RIP SharePoint Conference

Yesterday Julie White announced that we will have a new unified event in Chicago in 2015 that will replace several of our trade shows from the past. Most notably for my community of peers, the SharePoint Conference and TechEd. This is bittersweet. I’ve always had a great time at the SharePoint Conference and have enjoyed…


Multiple Azure Subscriptions

I am working writing a script that leverages with Azure IaaS via PowerShell. I also have access to multiple Azure subscriptions from my work. I found out that this can get pretty confusing pretty quick if you also move around from machine to machine like I do. Today I was working on a different machine…