Injecting CDATA into MPs

There are situations where it may be useful to have the scripts that are part of your MP to be enclosed in CDATA tags. This allows you to copy and paste scripts directly from MP XML into a file and run them (usually to debug some issue). If you use the $IncludeFileContent…$ directive in VSAE…


Map Dashboard in SC 2012 Operations Manager

Today, I will show you how you can create a map dashboard that displays availability and monitoring data for configured Web Application Availability tests. I will walk you through the bare minimum steps needed to display a map dashboard with some useful data. Prerequisites To complete this tutorial, you will need the following: A System…


Setting up a comparer application in MPBPA v2

Introduction In my previous post, I discussed how you can use MPBPA v2 to automatically fix common issues in MPs. In order to preview the changes that MPBPA v2 makes to MPs when fixing issues, you need to have a comparer application configured in MPBPA v2. The previous post assumes that WinDiff was already configured…


Fixing common MP issues using MPBPA v2

Today, we will take a look at MPBPA v2’s ability to automatically fix problems it finds in management packs. To illustrate this behavior, I attached a small sample MP that has a few best practice violations that can be fixed by MPBPA v2. (MPBPA v2 is available from the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2…


All References Tips and Tricks: Time-savers

There are certain things that you can do with the All References add-in that are not immediately obvious while using it. Here are some of them: Non-Modal Windows The search result windows displayed by the add-in are non-modal. As a result, you can have as many windows open as you want. If you search for…


All References Tips and Tricks: Improving Memory Utilization

The All References Add-in is described in some detail in the previous post.   If you often open MPs that are referred to by a lot of other MPs (in your reference folders), you may find that the All References Add-in consumes a lot of memory during its search. This only applies to often-used library…


Finding references to MP elements in other MPs using the All References Add-in

The All References Add-in is one of the tools included with the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Authoring Resource Kit that shipped recently. It allows you to find references to the selected MP element in the currently opened MP in the Authoring Console as well as any MP that refers to the currently-open MP….


System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Authoring Resource Kit has been released

This post may be a little late since the resource kit was released last week, but better late than never. The resource kit contains the SCOM 2007 R2 Authoring Console and several tool that enhance its functionality to help with authoring, development, maintenance, and reviewing of management packs. You can download the resource kit from…


Hard-coded Management Pack Discoveries

Typically when developing management packs, the following is done more or less in order: Object model (classes and relationships) Discoveries (to discover classes and relationships) Monitoring workflows (to target the discovered classes and relationships) What if the product you will manage with your MP has some experimental or poorly documented API that you would like…


First Post!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Marcin Jastrzebski and I’m a developer on the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). In time, this blog will contain various SCOM-related information that I feel might be useful to you. This may include tools, Management Pack or SCOM SDK development tips, feature demos, or pretty much anything else.   This…