A new phase…

Even though this has been a strictly technical channel (I've never posted about anything else other than technical stuff) I know a lot of friends read it and so I decided to open an exception on this post and use it to publish something about me that also has a direct effect on how often and what type of content I will be able to keep publishing here.... Effective this week I started a new phase on my career at Microsoft assuming a non-technical role.  I will be working as a people manager for the same group I had once worked before and have a great admiration. 

As a manager I will need to change my focus to better serve my team and make sure they have everything they need from me to succeed.  I'm still passionate about technology as I think I will be forever, but keeping up with the level of knowledge of our engineers here requires a lot of dedication which from now on will be focused on other matters other than only tecnology.  I'm really excited about this new phase and have no doubt it happened at the right time for me. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Marcelo.  I really enjoyed working with you when you came down to give us an IIS health check a few years ago, as well as your technical workshop last year.  Good luck and hopefully Microsoft can find a good PFE to pick up the slack after you're gone. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Marcelo, I'm sure that you will excel in this role like you did as PFE.

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