MAP Toolkit Useful References

I am putting together a blog outlining the most common references around preparing your environment before running the MAP Toolkit and troubleshooting issues. Enjoy!

Topic and Link Description
Prepare your environment for using the WMI collector The WMI collector in the MAP Toolkit is used to gather hardware, device, and software information from remote Windows based computers. This collector technology is used for these inventory scenarios and must be enabled on the remote target computers.
  • Windows computers
  • Active Devices and Users
  • Exchange Server
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection Server
  • SQL Server Inventory
  • Windows Azure Platform Migration
  • MySQL, Oracle and Sybase
MAP Toolkit Inventory Status Messages Guidance on what the MAP Toolkit inventory status codes means
MAP Failure Messages If you have prepared the environment and are still getting failures, then we can start with the troubleshooting steps outlined in this Wiki article
Troubleshooting WMI failures The MAP Toolkit collects the number of Hyper-threads (per core), Number of Cores, and the L3 Cache Size for computers running Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 or newer. The number of physical Hyper-threading enabled processors or the number of physical multicore processors is incorrectly reported in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. For more information about how to address this issue, see For all other operating system versions, the corresponding cells in reports will be blank or display the value "Unknown".
MAP: Prepare the Environment - Collector Technologies (en-US) This article provides guidance on how to prepare your environment for different MAP collectors.
MAP: Prepare the Environment - Firewall Ports (en-US) This article provides guidance on how to configure the firewall, so MAP is able to connect to the target machine.
MAP displays wrong processor information MAP will report wrong processor information if a newer processor that uses extended family bits is running Windows XP SP3 or earlier or Windows Server 2003 SP2 or earlier. A hotfix is available at

Note: This hotfix must be applied to each computer that meets this criterion to get the correct results.

MAP Toolkit Content Link Page This is the link to the MAP wiki site that provides information on preparing your environment before running the MAP Toolkit and How-To topics.
MAP Toolkit 7.0 System Requirements Here are the MAP Toolkit System Requirement for the machine running the MAP Toolkit

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  1. Bijan Gofranian says:

    Great set of tools.  Thanks for sharing.

  2. theresa says:

    We should all be using this page when looking for problems etc. before runnning off to Microsoft for Answers!

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