SQL Server Discovery Screencast

In the previous blog, Joyce discussed the MAP 5.0 features, specifically SQL server instances and databases discovery.    Continuing the discussion, I would like to share with you the sample proposals and worksheets that the MAP 5.0 toolkit provides as part of the discovery process.   These worksheets provide an overview of all the SQL Server database engine instances and number of databases discovered on your network, including the details about their versions and settings.  In addition to those, the tool inventories all the databases identified on each database server instance with operational details such as size of the database, last backup time, owner, number of views & tables and so on.  .  Further, the tool details the configured values and running value of the database engine instance properties and Details on users, logins and so on.

 Please check out MAP toolkit's sample worksheets and the proposal.   Also, the following screencast from Matt Hester outlines the SQL Server discovery feature.

 As you know, the MAP 5.0 tool is a  completely FREE tool, and can be downloaded from here.

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