Forefront Identity Manager & Active Directory Certificate Services Guidance (Beta) Now Available!



The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) team is working on two new guides: Microsoft Forefront™ Identity Manager 2010 and Active Directory® Certificate Services. 


The Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 provides actionable guidance for designing a FIM 2010 infrastructure. Follow this guide’s step-by-step process to determine the FIM components necessary for fulfilling your organization’s identity-management needs, and design an infrastructure with the right deployment topology for meeting your performance and availability requirements.


The Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) outlines the critical infrastructure design elements that are key to a successful implementation of Active Directory Certificate Services. Using this guide will result in a certificate services design that is optimized to meet the needs of your organization at the lowest cost.


The two guides can be used together to design a FIM certificate-brokering service that is integrated with AD CS to deliver identity-managed certificate services.


The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) team is working on related guidance: the MOF Reliability Workbook for Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS). It provides knowledge, specific tasks, and schedules needed to keep Active Directory Certificate Services running smoothly.


Reduce time and planning costs by following the processes in these IPD guides to design a successful deployment of FIM and AD CS, and use the MOF Reliability Workbook to optimize monitoring and maintenance activities.


Next Steps

·        Download the IPD Guide for FIM 2010

·        Download the IPD Guide for AD CS

·        Download the MOF Reliability Workbook for AD CS

·        Download other best practices from the Infrastructure Planning and Design series for products such as Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway, Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, SQL Server 2008, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, System Center Operations Manager, and much more at the IPD home page on TechNet. 

·        Visit the FIM 2010 page on to learn more.

·        Check out other Solution Accelerators for Security.


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