Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit for Office 2010 Readiness

I am Venkat Ganti, Sr. Product Manager in the Microsoft Solution Accelerators Team, responsible for driving the MAP Toolkit. Last week, the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team released the MAP Toolkit 5.0 Beta1. I am particularly excited about some of the new features of this beta release, specifically with regard to Office 2010 deployment planning and assessment.

This Solution Accelerator serves as the starting point to help an IT professional begin planning for Microsoft Office 2010 deployments and outlines the next steps in the deployment phase. If you are just getting started with MAP you can review all of the tool’s capabilities on the MAP website.

Use MAP 5.0 to perform an inventory and assessment of your existing IT environment for Office 2010 readiness.



The tool provides detailed analysis and actionable recommendations in the form of a summary proposal and an assessment report.

The summary proposal, targeted towards technical decision makers, outlines the readiness of IT environments for Office 2010 and provides next steps in the deployment process. The summary proposal includes a combination of hardware and operating system analysis; recommendations for software and hardware upgrades; and a review of existing Office software applications in the current environment for application compatibility, file migration, and user readiness activities as part of the Office 2010 migration.

The assessment report is meant for the IT professionals, detailing the readiness and inventory of Office applications in the environment. This report includes inventory details of the client computers, their readiness details for Office 2010 deployment, client computers’ OS and patch readiness, and application compatibility details.

The proposed recommendations in these reports shorten the time it takes to plan your Office 2010 deployment.


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Venkat Ganti, Sr. Product Manager, Solution Accelerators Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward to starting the use of Office 2010 in my business.  I plan on refering my IT dept to this article.  We recently completed a physical office reorganization with the help of the folks at Dancker, Sellew, & Douglas at <a href="…/space-planning">Office Planning</a>.  They did a tremendous job and we have greatly increased our productivity and I have a feeling that Office 2010 will have a big impact as well.

  2. Hi,

    This article is about older version of MAP Toolkit.
    The latest MAP Toolkit version is 9.9.13 which is available at “”

    For more information you can mail to

    Thank you.

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