IBM Hardware Pack for Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, v1.1.


Our friends at IBM have been working hard to provide customers direct insight into IBM Hardware, and guidance for consolidated workloads for IBM System X and Blade servers using MAP 4.0.  Take a look at the announcement.



I am very proud to announce that the IBM Hardware Pack for Microsoft Assessment and Panning Toolkit, Version 1.1


The IBM Hardware Pack for Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, Version 1.1 helps our customers assess their current IT infrastructure needs (based on resource utilization) and determine the right IBM Hardware platforms to invest in. The tool provides guidance on consolidating workloads with Microsoft virtualization technologies on IBM System x and BladeCenter servers.


Features include:

  • Provides information on IBM System x® and BladeCenter® servers which are ideally suited for virtualized Microsoft environments and IBM best practices tips


Supported Systems:

IBM System x3250 M3 (4251, 4252)

IBM System x3550 M2 (7946)

IBM System x3650 M2 (7947)

IBM System x3755 (7163)

IBM System x3850 M2 (7141, 7233)

IBM System x3950 M2 (7141, 7233)

IBM BladeCenter HS22 (7870)

IBM BladeCenter LS42 (7902)

  • Discovery of systems to analyze (manually or automatically)

  • Secure assessment of Microsoft Windows environments without the use of any software agents

  • Gathers performance metrics and generates server consolidation recommendations that identify candidates for server virtualization and how physical servers might be placed in a virtualized environment


IBM/MAP content and docs are available at:


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