MAP 5.0 Community Technical Preview (CTP) – Now Open!


Get an early peek at the next release of MAP (version 5.0) when you sign up for the MAP 5.0 Community Technical Preview (CTP). One of the cool new features of MAP 5.0 is further support for heterogeneous environments.


  • Traditionally, MAP had the ability to perform inventory and assessment of IT environments running only Microsoft platforms. In MAP 4.0, we added the support for heterogeneous environments by providing the ability to inventory servers running virtualization technologies from VMware.

  • In MAP 5.0 CTP, support for heterogeneous platforms is further improved by adding the support for Linux.

  • Using MAP 5.0 CTP, you can run the MAP tool within your IT environment and get comprehensive hardware details of servers running Microsoft and Linux platforms.

  • Secure Shell (SSH) is used to collect inventory data from Linux servers.   MAP reports the hardware inventory results in the UI and in hardware inventory report.


Non-Windows Machine Inventory Walk-Through:

  • To inventory non-Windows machines in your environment: 

    • Launch the inventory and assessment wizard, select "Inventory computers using Secure Shell (SSH)” option.

    • Provide WMI credentials for Windows Machines and SSH credentials for Linux machines.





  • MAP will be able to inventory Linux servers using a non-root level account. However, with root level access, MAP will be able to report more in-depth information such as BIOS information and Computer Model.

  • In MAP 5.0 CTP, inventory results are presented within the console or generated as a report. If you would like to see the results in the console, click "Inventory Summary Results" node in the tree on the left hand side of the console.

  • You can also generate the report by clicking Generate Report link in "Inventory Summary Results" pane or File | Prepare New Report and Proposal.

  • We have tested the Linux inventory capability on several major Linux distributions. We would like to hear your feedback. Please join the MAP 5.0 CTP and run MAP against your heterogeneous environment. Please send your feedback to



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