Tips about Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit – Tip #1 for Windows 7 Readiness Assessment


One of the most frequently-requested features for the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (or MAP Toolkit) has been the “User-Defined Assessment Threshold” that allows IT departments to customize varying degree of hardware requirements for different Windows 7 users. 

Good news! The MAP Toolkit 4.0 now offers exactly that!  Here’s how it works.

If you want to change the memory or disk space requirements, as long as it’s above the “Microsoft-defined” minimum, you can bump up the specs by using the “Set Assessment Properties” feature of the MAP Toolkit.

Also, if you do not need to install PCs with DVD’s and instead you want to use network installation method using Windows Deployment Services (WDS), then you can simply uncheck the checkbox “If DVD-ROM not found, flag machine as Not Ready.”  This will prevent the MAP Toolkit from using DVD-ROM as one of the Windows 7 System Requirements (or hardware requirements).

Download the MAP Toolkit for Windows 7 now - after all Windows 7 has already been released to manufacturing (RTM) - so get started now with Windows 7 deployment planning.

Baldwin Ng

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