[VIDEOS] Compare before you buy: A Case for Hyper-V versus VMware Licensing Cost and Architecture

Are you interested in virtualizing your datacenter so you can drastically reduce your server footprint and power/cooling costs?  Are you considering virtualization but a bit worried that you may pay too much with virtualization solution from companies like VMware?  Check out these 2 latest videos from my colleagues, David Greschler and Edwin Yuen from the Microsoft Integrated Virtualization team and get the facts!  And don't forget that there are lots of valuable information at: http://www.microsoft.com/virtualization/compare/vmware-comparison.mspx

A cost comparison between Microsoft and VMWare
See the comparisons between Microsoft's Server Virtualization Solutions and VMWare's Server Virtualization Solutions.

Microsoft Virtualization - Virtualization without Taxation
This video compares Microsoft Virtualization to VMware and outlines the additional cost for VMware because they require four layers - hardware, virtualization, operating system and applications and Microsoft only requires three - hardware, operating system with virtualization, and applications.

In addition to providing lower TCO and simpler architecture through Hyper-V server virtualization technology, Microsoft also offers a set of FREE virtualization planning, deployment and operational tools called Virtualization Solution Accelerators that aim at reducing the planning and deployment costs of virtualization.  Download them now for free and jump start your virtualization project today!

Baldwin Ng (Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Solution Accelerators Team)

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