Guidance on Windows Deployments for Business Customers

Hello IT Managers and Business Customers!

Are you getting ready to roll out a new desktop OS?  Are you curious if you should wait for Windows 7 or go ahead with your Windows Vista deployment as planned?

Check out a recent blog from the new section of the Windows Team Blog called Windows for Your Business.

This recent post by Gavriella Schuster from Microsoft outlines how business decision makers like you should approach the big question of "Should I deploy Windows Vista now or wait?"  You will get a lot of sound advice from Gavriella who is responsible for the Windows Client product management team at Microsoft and is leading efforts around Windows OS, MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack including App-V) as well as client-side virtualization technologies.

And if you're thinking about readying yourself for OS migration, you will find the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit extremely useful as well.  It's a great tool that makes it easier to help you assess your desktops' hardware and device compatibility for Windows Vista.  The recent version of the MAP Toolkit has been updated to work on a Windows 7 Beta machine (i.e. it will install on Windows 7 beta machines) as well.  It is a free tool that is downloadable on TechNet.  Try it now!

Baldwin Ng (Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit)

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