Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit – Technical FAQ



The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit team has just released a new set of Technical FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). We hope that you will find this useful as to learn how to use the MAP Toolkit for various technology migration projects regarding Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, 2007 Microsoft Office, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Online Services, Forefront Client Security, NAP, and more.

Baldwin Ng


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  1. Hi,

    I have used the MAP TOOL 5.5. in our customer place and tried to scan the inventory using the IP address range for 11 servers. But it failed. When I have enable the necessary windows firewall ports as per the guidance given in map tool document. But still it gets fail. It get success when I disabled the windows firewall only.  when I monitor the network traffic, i noticed that this MAP tool is not using the exact port it mentioned.  (135,137,138.445..) the port numbers are varying from 10 – 60000.. so what is the reason for this. I cant ask our customer to open all these ports and he is not in a position to disable the windows fire wall as well.  

    can any one help me on this??


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