[Video Demo] Free Tool Showcase: Save IT Dollars with Hyper-V Server Consolidation Technology and Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

With the current state of the global economy, IT managers like you are probably wondering how you can save money while maintaining agility and scalability for your IT organizations.

Obvious places to look at are:  1) under-utilized servers that are consuming power and cooling, 2) desktops and servers that are NOT power-managed and more.

To help you with this challenge, a Microsoft team has developed a "Virtualization Solution Accelerator" called Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit that offers server inventory and Hyper-V server consolidation assessment capabilities.  The MAP Toolkit can offer you quick assessment and discovery of assets and identify good candidates for server virtualization.

Plus, it will auto-generate proposals for Hyper-V virtualization and power savings from a single tool.

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Hyper-V Virtualization Planning


Baldwin Ng (Sr. Product Manager, Virtualization Solution Accelerators)

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