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Core Infrastructure Optimization is a proven framework for evolving your IT infrastructure to become more agile, secure, and better-managed, while reducing overall IT costs and making better use of resources. The bottom line—IT becomes a stronger strategic asset to the business.  Core Infrastructure Optimization addresses capabilities across many critical aspects of IT including:

Identity and Access Management
Build better ways to manage the identities of people and assets. Implement solutions that help manage and protect identity data (synchronization, password management, and user provisioning to mention a few), and better manage access to resources from corporate mobile users, customers, and partners outside of a firewall.

Desktop Device & Server Management
Improve how your company manages desktops, mobile devices, and servers, as well as deploying patches, operating systems, and applications across the network. Also, get guidance on how you can take advantage of virtualization and branch office technologies to lower costs and improve agility.

Security & Networking
Implement ways to help guarantee that information and communication are protected from unauthorized access. Learn about ways to protect your IT infrastructure from denial attacks and viruses, while preserving access to corporate resources.

Data Protection & Recovery
Implement backup, storage, and restore processes that protect information and provide cost-effective and time-efficient recovery when required.

IT & Security Process
Get best-practice guidance on how to cost-effectively design, develop, operate, and support solutions, while achieving high reliability, availability, and security. While you need rock-solid technology to meet your company’s demands, technology alone is not enough. Excellence in processes and people—skills, roles, and responsibilities—is just as important for an optimized infrastructure.

Not only do we have the Core Infrastructure Optimization framework, we also have free tools and guidance to get you started in areas of virtualization and more.

Optimize Your IT Now!

Visit the Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization site today and also check out the FREE Virtualization Solution Accelerators that can speed up your IT optimization project now.

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