[NEWS!] Simple To Save Cost Calculator from Alinean


Do you want to lower IT operation costs for your business? Take advantage of this new tool from Alinean, "Simple to Save" cost calculator and you can be a cost-cutting hero!

How It Works?

  1. This tool is very simple to use.  First you need to go through a short set of questions to help the tool better understand your IT organization.

  2. Then, you'll be presented with a list of scenarios where you can saving costs.  It includes savings for each of these scenarios:

    • Deploy Virtualization

    • Database Consolidation and Application Platform Agreement

    • Enterprise Systems Management

    • Desktop Management and Application Virtualization

    • Standardized Desktops

    • Upgrade to Windows Vista

    • Unified Communications

    • Collaboration

Why Wait?  Get Started Now with this simple 3-Step Process!

  1. Use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit to gather network inventory statistics (e.g. number of servers you have deployed, number of PCs you have installed, or number of servers you can consolidate via Hyper-V virtualization) 

  2. Use the data from the MAP Toolkit in Step 1 and then input them into the brand new "Simple to Save" cost calculator to get cost savings calculation

  3. Read the whitepaper titled "Simple Savvy Savings - 9 ideas to make anyone a Cost-Cutting Hero"

  4. Present your cost-cutting proposals to your management team and START SAVING!!



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