[NEWS!] Microsoft Online Services Now Available!

Today, at a launch event in San Francisco, Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division at Microsoft Corp., announced the availability of Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online for businesses of all sizes in the United States. These subscription-based online services offer businesses a new and cost-effective way to purchase, deploy and manage e-mail and calendaring solution (Exchange Online) as well as collaboration software (SharePoint Online).

To help businesses and partners accelerate their migration and on-boarding process to Exchange Online, Microsoft also announced the availability of several FREE Solution Accelerators for Exchange Online - free tools and guides available at no charge.

What Are Solution Accelerators?  How Can They Help?

Microsoft Solution Accelerators are free automated tools and technical guidance designed to help IT professionals and consultants like you to quick adopt Microsoft products.  They take out the guess-work during assessment and planning phases of your projects and help you do much of the "heavy lifting" throughout the entire IT project life-cycle.  For example:

  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Exchange Online - This free toolkit offers fast network-wide readiness assessment of your desktop infrastructure to see if your desktops' hardware is ready for migration to Exchange Online.  In addition, the new survey feature of this toolkit can make it easier for you to conduct a needs assessment and collect technical and business requirements for your online messaging service migration.

  • Infrastructure Planning and Design Series [Exchange Online - Evaluating Software-plus-Services] - This guide provides a clear comparison of e-mail technologies across on-premises, standard hosting, and dedicated hosting scenarios. Use the guide as a framework for evaluating the technical feasibility of Microsoft Exchange Online. In addition, this guide provides an overall scoring assessment for each option, identifying key mail services and requirements for your organization.

  • Microsoft Operations Framework Companion Guide - This guide helps you determine where software-plus-services can assist you, how to select a service provider, and considerations for the service-provider contract.

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