[RTM News] Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.2 for Microsoft Online Services Now Available!

Today, the Microsoft Solution Accelerators Team is pleased to announce the RTM release of the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 3.2 that sports news features such as Microsoft Online Services Needs Assessment and Survey.  Click here to learn more about today’s FULL ANNOUNCEMENT OF MAP TOOLKIT 3.2 RTM RELEASE.

Why build MAP Toolkit for Microsoft Online Services?

During challenging economic times, many businesses like yours look to cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Online Services including Exchange Online, to outsource their IT e-mail services and reduce capital expenditures. But how can you quickly determine what it takes to migrate to Exchange Online?  What is your messaging needs for the next few years? Are your business desktops ready for the migration to “the cloud”?

The MAP Toolkit 3.2 can give you the answers you need. By creating a brand new survey assessment capability and through the use of its powerful network-wide assessment engine, the MAP Toolkit can help you conduct a survey on your messaging needs and generate a Microsoft Online Services proposal that based on your specific set of business PCs. In a matter of just a few hours, you will be well on your way to migration to Exchange Online.

What can you get from MAP Toolkit 3.2 for SQL Server 2008?

With the MAP Toolkit 3.2, you now have the ability to walk through a guided survey to help you self-assess your messaging needs (e.g. E-mail).

This toolkit can also conduct readiness assessment of your networked PCs to help you determine if they meet the basic requirements.

Next Steps for You!

Now that you know the power of the MAP Toolkit 3.2, why stop here?  Give the MAP Toolkit a try and tell your friends about it.  If you are a blogger, tell the world about it!

Baldwin Ng

Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Solution Accelerators Team


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    Many of you are in the midst of an IT migration or upgrade planning but do not know with 100% certainty

  2. Anonymous says:

    Today, at a launch event in San Francisco, Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division

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