Are You A PC? :-)


Are you a PC?  Do you love your PC? 

You know, the PC that helps you get your work done, check emails and surf the web, shop for cool shoes, share your kid's pictures with granny, flirt with your girlfriend and more. As for me, I used a PC to get through college differential calculus (arghh...), find my first job, keep in touch with my family in Hong Kong, get to know my then girlfriend (now wife) really really well over e-mails, and find myself a really cool job at Microsoft.  🙂 

So, thank you PC...and, YES, I am PROUD PC! 

What's your PC story?  Check out the brand new Windows site and share your thoughts in video about PC!  Plus, you can check out the latest commercial with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

Baldwin, product user of PC since 1988

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  1. stanisluv says:

    O-oo!! 1988-good date. I product user of PC since 1992.

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