Customer Stories for Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) has been in the market since February 2008 earlier this year.  Many of you have adopted this tool as the de facto standard for IT assessment and planning for your IT migration projects, from Hyper-V datacenter virtualization to SQL Server 2008 migration as well as server/desktop deployments (i.e. Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista).

In case you're looking for customer usage stories of the MAP Toolkit, I've included here are two that have been published for you to review.  Of course, we are working on a few more in the pipeline which we'll be able to share in a few weeks...until then, enjoy!

Very importantly, if you have adopted the MAP Toolkit for your IT project and want to share YOUR success with the IT community at large, please email us at  We will be happy to submit them as candidates for an official case study!

Thank you!
Baldwin Ng

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