[VIDEO] Get Ready to Migrate to SQL Server 2008 with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1

SQL Server 2008 has just been released to manufacturing! And with the SQL Server 2000 already going out of mainstream support, it is now time to start planning for migrating your older SQL servers to SQL Server 2008!

To help you get started more quickly, Microsoft's Solution Accelerators team has developed a network-wide assessment tool called Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 (MAP Toolkit).  In short, the MAP Toolkit gives you a way to quickly discover all of your servers across your data centers and/or branch offices.  In addition, it offers you to ability to identify which ones are good candidates for SQL Server 2008 migration - e.g. which of the SQL servers are installed with older versions (e.g. SQL Server 2000 or older).  This toolkit is an agent-less tool that does not require installation of agents on each of your servers and typically you will get the assessment results in just an hour or less!

Enjoy the short MAP Toolkit video demo below and learn how to use this for SQL Server 2008 migration!  And don't forget to download the MAP Toolkit right away for free and give it a try:

Baldwin Ng (Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Solution Accelerators)

PS: Below is a screen-shot of the auto-generated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet showing the SQL servers discovered and the different versions of SQL server software that were installed.

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