[VIDEO] Announcing Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for SCVMM 2008!

Are you thinking about virtualizing your datacenter but don't know where to start when it comes to infrastructure design?  The Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides (IPD) are designed to make the IT guidance easily consumable.  Each guide will walk you through a series of key design decision trees around implementation server and virtualization implementations.  They are not long at all and it's well worth the time.

So, why wait?  Grab a nice cup of coffee and get started.  You'll definitely enjoy the brand new Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for SCVMM 2008 and other guides on Hyper-V and Terminal Services!

Download IPD Guides now!


PS: As a bonus, I'm including the IPD Guide webcast where my colleague Fergus Stewart will walk you through the IPD guides for both Hyper-V and TS scenarios.

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