Azure Operational Insights: Welcome to the future

Azure Operational Insights is the evolution of a Service that maybe you remember called System Center Advisor, this new Service is years away from what we had with the old tool.

Thins new cloud based monitoring trend including Application Insights is a step forward in how we monitor and consume our monitoring data.

There's a lot of benefits from this kind of Service, let me explain some of them:

  • Capital Cost (CAPEX): We know that for monitoring event logs and security auditing we need to collect millions of elements per day, and this takes lots of costly storage and a lot of computing power with the maintenance equipment associated to consume this massive amount of information in a fast easy way, with Azure Operational Insights you just pay for the amount of data you collect and how long you want to store it, no more high upfront costs for a proactive and audit ready monitoring solution.
  • Operational Cost (OPEX): Managing a monitoring or audit solution takes time with the maintenance tasks, updates, and generally everyday health reviews of the infrastructure used for this purpose. With Azure Operational Insights your time could be more productive, instead of maintaining hardware, storage, upgrades, etc. You can be more valuable by delivering analytics for a more insightful vision of present problems or potential ones, having a web based solution that you can have access when you need it in the device you need it.
  • Hybrid Monitoring with SCOM: Operations Manager 2012 R2 is a great monitoring tool, highly customizable, easy to use for basic monitoring, with base recommendations for monitoring with free Microsoft management packs, and a quick overall glance of your IT resources health and problems. With Azure Operational Insights you get a whole new set of functionalities you get three exclusive functionalities with the integration Alert management, Configuration Assesment and VMM based Capacity planning, also you can view your OpInsights issues integrated with the on premise, take your SCOM deployment a step forward with this integration.
  • Flexibility: With Operational Insights you can easily be online for monitoring in less than a day, for Azure PaaS, Azure IaaS and on premise servers, with or without the SCOM integration, there's a free trial, try it today!

This are only some advantages of using OpInsights, I will talk about the configuration and functionalities in my next posts.

In the next post we will talk about the Intelligence Packs.


Update: Operational Insights is now generally available as part of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

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