How to create a private cloud step by step with System Center part 5: Setting up Networking

Go to the Settings tab, to have more options for our networking a quick tip is to avoid the automatic creation of logical networks when you add a host:

  • Go to your SCVMM server and open the console.
  • Under Generaldouble click Network Settings and uncheck the Create logical networks automatically option., click ok.

Now let’s create a logical Network:

  • In the SCVMM Console go to the Fabric tab.
  • Under Networking, right click in Logical Networks and select Create Logical Network.
  • Define a descriptive name, such as Lab or Prod.
  • Here is where the magic happens, and I am not going to get really deep into this because it’s a topic I prefer to show in a dedicated post.
  • For an easy startup just select the check for Create a VM network with the same name to allow virtual machines to access this logical network directly, and click next.
  • Click add and select your All Hosts Group.
  • I will create 1 subnets and VLAN 0 because I’m not using VLANS right now, click next.


  • And finish.

Now our Port Profile:

  • Right click in Port Profiles and Create Hyper-V Port profile.
  • Put a descriptive name such as Uplink for Lab.
  • Select Uplink port profile and click next.


  • Select your Logical network and click next.
  • Finish.

And to finish create a logical switch:

  • Right click on in Logical Switches and Create Logical Switch.
  • Next.
  • Descriptive name like Lab Logical Switch, click next.
  • Defaults and Next.
  • Select No Uplink Team, because we will not be teaming in this example.
  • Click add and select your Uplink previously created, click next.
  • Click Next.
  • And Finish.

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    In this fourth part of the series we will install, configure, and integrate WDS to SCVMM. Use a copy

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    I’m adding an index post so it’s easier for you to browse through this series of posts. How to create

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