Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) without a secondary site using Microsoft Azure

Today the System Center Team Blog publish an exciting post http://blogs.technet.com/b/systemcenter/archive/2014/07/01/microsoft-azure-site-recovery-your-dr-site-in-microsoft-azure.aspx 

Let’s think a little bit the huge impact of this new functionality in Azure.

DRP has been historically exclusive to large enterprises with enough capital to maintain two sites in different locations to failover into the other when there’s a problem with the primary site.

Maintaining two sites is costly, even having servers or rented infrastructure in a service provider datacenter comes with a high price for an infrastructure we probably never use, and we need to maintain and renew for every hardware cycle we determine, because we don’t know when we will need it, so there must be warrantees in place and everything must be in compliance with our companies infrastructure policies.

Today that model suffer a major knockout as the usual way to have a DRP, because with Azure we now can have a site in the cloud for all our critical vm replicas, I’m not going to go deep on this matter because the Team Blog post makes a great job explaining the functionality and general requirements.

What this could mean to you?, you probably are looking for a cost effective DRP solution, well you got it, it doesn’t get better than this at this moment, you really pay for what you’re using, no more maintenance or technology refresh for a second site.

Read through the product group article and leave a comment I would love to read some opinions about it.

Update: Azure Site Recovery is now part of Microsoft Operations Management Suite and is general available http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/operations-management-suite/overview.aspx

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