Sapien’s PowerShell Studio 2012 –The “Bruce Almighty” of all the PowerShell ISEs !!




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If your area of interest lies in the Microsoft Space, you probably have heard or worked with PowerShell. Since its inception, it has taken the world of Microsoft Infrastructure Administration by storm. There are no doubts that this is the best automation and scripting engine that the Redmond Company has come out with.

I have been working with PowerShell since version 1.0 was released. It is currently in Version 3.0 and use it for automating various repetitive tasks that I do as a part of my consulting practice.

Since, I work exclusively with PowerShell, I have played around with various ISEs (Integrated Scripting Environment) like the default that ships with Win7 / Win 8, Quest PowerGUI Pro, PowerShell Plus etc. All these ISEs are great but lack the flexibility of building GUIs with PowerShell. Though we can manually code the GUI using WinForms, it would take more than 1000+ lines to build a simple GUI. Investing so much of time in just building a simple GUI doesn’t make sense at all. To add to it, what about errors (both syntactical and logical). Fixing those would be a nightmare!!

A search for an ISE that would help me easily build the GUI based WinForms landed on the Sapien’s Page Trust me, my world just changed after I started using this product. “AWESOME” is the world that defines Sapien’s PowerShell Studio 2012.

Sapien’s PowerShell Studio is packed with everything you need to work with PowerShell, be it a Console in STA mode, Scripting Editor, Script Debugger, Integrated Help System, Packaging and Converting your scripts to an executable and the best (woo hoo J) PowerShell Forms Designer.

Who can use PowerShell Studio 2012?

If you have ran the cmdlet Get-help or Get-Service, you can use PowerShell Studio 2012. It is really simple and intuitive to use. The Integrated Help System makes learning PowerShell easier than ever. Want to write an advanced function but don’t remember the syntax? With PowerShell Studio 2012, you can just insert a snippet and voila, the syntax is ready for your customization J


Look and Feel?

Love the Ribbon based interface of PowerShell Studio 2012. It just takes minutes to get up and running with PowerShell Studio 2012


What can I do with PowerShell Studio 2012?

Everthing! From creating a Windows Form or a Module or packaging a script to an executable!


Also, it easily integrates with PrimalMerge 2012 giving you features like side-by-side file comparisons



How simple is it to build a GUI using PowerShell Studio?

It is not only simple, it’s fun to use PowerShell Studio to build GUI Forms. I would not hesitate to say that it’s the “Visual Studio” of PowerShell.

All you need is to drag and drop the Controls, set their properties and customize it as per your needs. The code required to build the GUI is auto generated by PowerShell studio behind the scenes and is available in the Script View.

For example, the below Form just took a couple of minutes to build and get it working. This is just an example, you can build complex applications using PowerShell Studio 2012



To customize the script of the control, just double click on it and it will open in the script view



I am new to Windows Forms and GUI building, do we have a help file?

Yes, the Sapien’s Document Explorer has all the documentation you need to get started with PowerShell and with PowerShell Form Editor.




You can more information from the Sapien Blog or seek help from peers and experts via the Forums






If you are a serious Windows Administrator or you are working with any “PowerShelled” Product, PowerShell Studio 2012 is an absolute must to have. Priced at $349, this is the “Bruce Almighty” of all the PowerShell ISEs out there in the market.

So what are you waiting for? If you PowerShell, then you need to PowerShell Studio It!

I will be writing more on WinForms using PowerShell Studio 2012 in my subsequent posts. Until then, Happy PowerShelling!! Smile

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  1. dexter says:

    Awesome post…..Looking forward for more.

    I think big Corporations should invest in these tools to leverage the maximum out of PowerShell rather than building GUI's.

  2. Zee NYC says:

    I am good with PS but having issues with Studio I am looking for any book or step by step instruction or videos Windows controls. like how to pass the values to the controls or how to call new forms from controls. Any suggestion or help will be appriciated.

  3. nambinina says:

    i like PS but i can’t have the free version!!

  4. nambinina says:

    can you give me an url please!!

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