RDS PowerShell : TFM – Part VIII : Next Steps

Wow!! Now that was too much of a PowerShell dose. However you would now start truly appreciating the “Power of PowerShell”.

Having understood what you need to know about RDS PowerShell to automate it, you can start leveraging your new found knowledge to start scripting some advanced stuff.

Here are some additional references.

TechNet Script Center Repository


RDS RemoteApp PowerShell Module by Jan Egil Ring (http://blog.powershell.no)


If you recollect from the first part http://blogs.technet.com/b/manojnair/archive/2011/12/02/rds-powershell-tfm-part-i-installing-remote-desktop-role-services.aspx, you can use this Module to author a simple script that would pull the RemoteApps from Remote Servers.

Terminal Services PowerShell Module by Shay Levy (http://powershay.com)


I hope you found the series informative. Please do let me know your valuable feedback by replying to this post.

Enjoy your quest to conquer PowerShell. Be what’s Automated…™

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